The Slow Lane product you buy today is designed to be in use a decade or more from now.

Slow Lane promotes a sustainable lifestyle through individually crafted products. Wherever possible, we use un-dyed or naturally dyed fabrics hand-woven in some of China’s remote communities. We don’t use fabrics that have been bleached or treated with heavy chemical agents. All of our products are packed on environmentally friendly materials that can be re-used and re-cycled. The Slow Lane product you buy today is designed to be in use a decade or more from now.

Our materials are sourced near the crafts-people who make them. Most of our products are made in our own workshops, or by crafts-people who work closely with us and share our philosophy. Much of what we sell in Slow Lane is individually hand-made. This sort of production requires consistent attention by the craftsmen to quality and helps to contribute to the preservation of traditional skills.

We promote ethical trading, although this involves higher costs than for mass-produced items. We hope our sourcing of locally made produce and preservation of traditional handicrafts will help farmers and craftsmen who live on the margins of a fast-changing society. Our goal is to bring benefits to all parties in the creative process and to contribute to a community based on ethical consumption. Slow Lane is an open platform: we also carry products by social entrepreneurs and NGOs who share our philosophy.

We use old-world craftsmanship to make products for a modern lifestyle. A long-time business traveller, our founder brings versatility and practicality to her designs. We offer an alternative to disposal fashion, and want to preserve precious resources. Quality with style is the baseline for all Slow Lane products.

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Work with us

As a young and dynamic fair-trade enterprise, Slow Lane is looking to build a resourceful and efficient team of like-minded individuals who are passionate about cultivating ethical consumption via preserving the craftsmanship made of natural and local materials.

We are always keen to hear from bright and capable interns who have the ability to contribute to our development and become full-time members of the team.   This includes individuals who would like to work with artisans in the quality-control process at our supply sources.

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