Slow Lane believes in doing things in a way largely lost to the world of mass market fashion. At our workshops in Beijing and Guizhou, we employ seamstresses trained in the hand stitching techniques of a bygone era.

Your purchase of Slow Lane clothing will not only help preserve traditional techniques but will also benefit the seamstresses that we employ from lesser developed parts of China. Our artisans earn a living that would normally be unattainable in their native locales. The combination of our unique, elegant designs and their handy work makes for a product of distinction.

In addition, our elegant clothing is designed with practicality and environmental sustainability in mind, it requires no dry cleaning and as with all Slow Lane products, we strive to produce it with smallest possible carbon foot print and environment impact. Our hand stitched clothing in Slow Lane includes products made with hand-spun and hand-woven fabrics dyed using herbal-based colors. Moreover, we have a selection of garments made with knit and woven fabrics.