Yak wool is a largely unknown but very special fibre. Yaks survive at altitudes sometimes exceeding 5,000 metres in the harsh highlands of the Himalayas. Over centuries they have developed wool fibres that help them survive such difficult conditions – wool developed by nature to survive its extremes.

Along with being a luxurious and beautiful natural fibre, yak wool also has many qualities that make it special. In like-for-like tests conducted in an independent lab, yak wool was shown to be roughly 10-15% warmer than comparable merino fabric. Also, because we use only the down fibre from the yak, our yak wool garments are extremely soft. In fact, the uninitiated will often confuse its luxurious hand feel with cashmere. In addition, yak wool is also resistanct to static, incredible breathabilty, odour resistant, and strong.

At Slow Lane, we are happy to carry and collaborate with Khunu to give our customers luxurious yak wool products. Khunu is a clothing brand inspired by a sense of adventure and a desire to prove that for-profit businesses can also be “for-good”. Founded in 2009 by Julian Wilson and Aaron Pattillo, Khunu was one of the world’s first brands to focus on products made from yak fibre.

The initial idea was developed during a bitterly cold mid-December trip to the Tibtan pleaeau. During their stay it became apparent to the founders that yaks were intigral for the survival of their nomadic hosts – they provided not only the shelter, sustenance and fuel herders needed, but also yielded a fibre that could be made into fantastic products.

Khunu was created to provide an opportunity for the fibre collected by these herders to be created into beautiful products, and it is Slow Lane’s pleasure to help support this effort through carrying Khunu’s yak wool products as well as collaborating with Khunu to create products exclusively for Slow Lane.